About Ink Ribbon Paper I Data Recording & Transaction Document Packaging

www.inkribbonpaper.co.uk is the online store of an arm of the mailorder business of Agency Shop Ltd*.  It is a functional, innovative retail and wholesale channel for inks, papers, films and allied solutions.  It takes the best in tried & tested solutions - including brands with instant recognition & trust - and marries them with evolving customer requirements, like never before, in its steady drive to manage ink in its totality.

Simply put, our mission is to delight & exceed the expectations of our customers.

Ink Ribbon Paper is assembling considerable technological firepower to assist its customers with valuable business solutions in recording, packaging, and financial,  transaction document printing. 

We sell a wide range of technically demanding specialty inks, coated & uncoated papers/films, plus ribbons/foils & allied products for personalising & securing documents 

We serve all those who generate, communicate, handle & manipulate data/information, as well as those who market, sell, and implement imaginative communications (mails, receipts).  

Every year we spend time and effort, researching to remain customer-focused. Many of our products, especially difficult-to-find ribbons and other transaction printer supplies, are proprietary and made exclusively for us.  The manufacturing outfits & technology vendors that we use are amongst the very best in the world.

 Indeed, our broad supplier network means that we are always able to add to the choice available in our portfolio.  And because the majority of our consumable products are manufactured to your requirements for us, we are able to increase manufacturing efficiencies to offer you high quality at competitively low rates.


  • Agency Shop is a provider of data communication tools.
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