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Desktop Offerings
Our Continuous Ink Supply Systems were developed to rectify the faults in many others in the marketplace, and they give you the freedon to
choose and use the ink of your choice for your applications
  • Empty Epson & Canon CISS
Main Features 
  • Spongeless cartridge, easy-to-fit and transluscent/transparent with highly stable auto-reset ("always full") chip.  No print spots.
  • Gravity-fed or pressurized systems, designed for constant pressure application to aid smooth supply of ink to the printhead.
  • Specially designed corners with air-filter to stop impurity, enhance ink flow, and protect your print head.
  • Independent, leak-free PE CISS Tanks or reservoirs for each colour.  Can be used again and again, offering low operating cost
  • The tubes are held together firmly by design, and with further bar-type tubing  brackets, so there is no interference when the printhead travels back and forth
  • Light-in-weight; highly reliable, efficient and easy to operate and maintain.

We Are Constantly Updating Our Chip/Cartridge Technologies To Cater For Old & New Printers


[c series, cx series, d series, dx series, photo series, r series and rx series]

Product No. Description Compatible Models Pack Price
UK110-01 CISS, cartridge nos. T0731-4, bk/c/m/y,  Stylus C79/C90/C92/C3900/CX5600, etc, 1set 27.99
UK110-02 CISS, cartridge nos. T0801-6, bk/c/m/y/lc/lm,  Stylus Photo R265/R285/R360/RX560/PX720WD/P50, etc 1set 36.15
UK110-03 CISS, cartridge nos. T0611-4, bk/c/m/y,  Stylus D68/D88/DX3800/DX4800 1set 18.27
UK110-04 CISS, cartridge nos. T0481-6, bk/c/m/y/lc/lm,   Stylus Photo R200/R220/R320/RX640, etc, 1set 20.18
UK110-05 CISS, cartridge nos. T007/9, bk & colour,  Stylus Photo 900/1270/1280/1290 1set 17.12
UK110-06 CISS, cartridge nos. T0441, T0452/3/4, bk/c/m/y,  Stylus C64/C66/C84/C86/CX6400, etc, 1set 18.27
UK110-07 CISS, cartridge nos. T0591-7/9, bk/c/m/y/lc/lm/pb/pm,  Stylus Photo R2400 1set 27.82
UK110-08 CISS, cartridge nos. T0342/3/4/5/6/7/8, mk/lk/c/m/y/lc/lm, Stylus Photo 2100/2200 1set 27.82
UK110-09 CISS, cartridge nos. T0541/8/2/3/4/7/9/0, pm/mk/c/m/y/r/blue/go, Stylus Photo R800/R1800 1set 27.82



Product No. Description Compatible Models Pack Price
UK110-10 CISS, cartridge nos. SO20187/SO20193, bk & colour, Stylus Photo 720, 750/EX/EXII/EXIII 1set 17.12
UK110-11 CISS, cartridge nos. T0551-4, bk/c/m/y, Stylus Photo RX420/RX425 1set 18.25
UK110-12 CISS, cartridge nos. T0631-4, bk/c/m/y, Stylus C67/C87/CX3700/CX4700 1set 18.25
UK110-13 CISS, cartridge nos. T0331-4, bk/c/m/y/lc/lm, Stylus Photo 950/960 1set 23.99
UK110-14 CISS, cartridge nos. T0791-6, bk/c/m/y/lc/lm, Stylus Photo 1400 1set 27.99
UK110-15 CISS, cartridge nos. T0711-4, bk/c/m/y, Stylus Photo D78/D92/DX4000/DX4050 /DX4450/DX5050, etc, 1set 27.99
UK110-16 CISS, cartridge nos. T0711-4, bk/c/m/y, Stylus Photo D120/D120NE, 1set 27.99
UK110-17 CISS, cartridge nos. SO20105/SO200089, bk/Colour, Colour 800/850/1520 1set 17.65
UK110-18 CISS, cartridge nos. T0491-6, bk/c/m/y/lc/lm, Stylus Photo R210/R230/R310/R350 1set 20.19
UK110-19 CISS, cartridge nos. T0821-6, bk/c/m/y/lc/lm, Stylus Photo R270/R390/RX590 1set 27.99
UK110-20 CISS, cartridge nos. T0871/2/3/4/7/8/9/0, bk/c/vm/y/r/mk/or/go, Stylus Photo R1900 1set 27.99



































[i series, ip series, bjc series, mp series, smartbase series & s series]

Product No. Description                  Compatible Models                 Pack Price
UK110-21 CISS, with separated ARC cartridge nos. CLI-5bk & CLI-8bk/8c/8m/8y,  Pixma ip5300/ip5200/ip4500/ip4300/ip4200
1set 23.99
UK110-22 CISS, with separated ARC cartridge nos. CLI-8g/8r/8pm/8bk/8pc/8c/8m/8y,  Pixma Pro 9000/Pro 9000 MKII 1set 33.99
UK110-23 CISS, with separated (no chip) cartridge nos. BCI-6bk/6c/6m/6y/6pm/6pc/6r/6g,   i9950/i990/ip8500 1set 20.75
UK110-24 CISS, with separated ARC cartridge nos. CLI-8bk/8c/8m/8y/8pc/8pm, PGI-5bk  MP970/MP960/MP950/M850/ip6600D 1set 30.99
UK110-25 CISS, with separated ARC cartridge nos. BCI-3eBk, BCI-6bk/6c/6m/6y  i865/ip4000/ip5000/mp750/mp760 1set 17.95
UK110-26 CISS, with combined cartridge nos. BCI-3eBk, BCI-6bk/6c/6m/6y  i470D/i475D; SmartBase MPC39C/MPC190/MPC190S, ext 1set 14.99
















3.0  Wide Format Printer Bulk Ink Systems

  • Standard Empty Epson Wide Format Ink Cartridges ( e.g. Stylus Pro 3000, 4000, 9600, 10600, etc)

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Epson CISS

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Canon CISS

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