Empty Refillable Garment Printer Ink Cartridges - Anajet Mimaki Roland Epson 


  • Refillable & Single-Use Empty ink cartridges (210, 220, 250, 300, 440, 600ml) for:
    - Standard digital direct textile (DT) printers
    - DTG (repurposed & purpose built) small-format, wide-format and flatbed apparel printers for desktop custom production. 
  • Chips for Epson SureColor SC-F2000 & SC-F2100 DTG printers
  • Ink Bags for Anajet mPower Series, Anajet Sprint (cart + bag type), Anajet FP-125 (cart. + bag type), and other DTG printers  

1. Empty Refillable & Single-Use DTG & Digital Direct Textile (DT) Printing Ink Cartridge/Bags

Product No. Makes & Models Ink Type  Ink Capacity* Ink Colours** Price/Cartridge Colour
Price/bag or Price/Chip
EU-A1DTG-1 AnaJet Sprint SP-200 (no bag edition) Textile Pigment 220ml CMYK, WH  11.25 buy now
EU-A2DTG-2 AnaJet Sprint SP-200 (with ink bag inside) Textile Pigment 220ml CMYK, WH 11.25 buy now
EU-A3DTG-3 AnaJet mPower MP5. MP10 (with ink bag inside) Textile Pigment 220ml CMYK, WH WH 11.25 buy now
EU-A4DTG-4 AnaJet FP-125 (no bag edition) Textile Pigment 220ml CMYK, WH 11.25 buy now
EU-A5DTG-5 AnaJet FP-125 (with ink bag inside)​ Textile Pigment 220ml CMYK, WH 11.25 buy now
EU-M7DTG-7 Mimaki GP-604, GP-604D Reactive Dye  220ml CMYK 11.25 buy now
EU-M8DTG-8 Mimaki GP-604, GP-604D Textile Pigment 210ml*** CMYK 11.25 buy now
EU-IBA9DTG-9 Anajet mPower Series Ink Bag Textile Pigment 220ml CMYK, WH WH 5.99 buy now
EU-IBA10DTG-10 Ink Bag For Anajet Sprint SP200, FP-125. Textile Pigment 220ml CMYK, WH 5.99 buy now
EU-M11DTG-11 Mimaki GP-1810, GP-1810D  Reactice Dye 220ml CMYK 11.25 buy now
EU-M12DTG-12 Mimaki GP-1810, GP-1810D  Textile Pigment 210ml*** CMYK 11.25 buy now
Product Code Makes & Models  Ink Types Ink Capacity Ink Colour Price/Cartridge Colour
Price/Bag or Price/Chip
EU-M15DTG-15 Mimaki DM2-1810 Textile Pigment 210ml*** CMYK 11.25 buy now
EU-M16DTG-16 Mimaki DM3-1810S Fast Dry Eco-Solvent 440ml CMYK, LC, LM 14.99 contact us
EU-M17DTG-17 Mimaki DM3-1810S Eco-Solvent 220ml CMYK, LC, LM 11.25 contact us
EU-M18DTG-18 Mimaki DS-1600, DS-1800 Textile Pigment 210ml*** CMYK 11.25 buy now
EU-M19DTG-19 Mimaki JV22-130/160 Reactive Dye 220ml CMYK, LC, LM 11.25 buy now
EU-M20DTG-20 Mimaki TexJet TX2-1600 Reactive Dye 220ml CMYK, LC, LM 11.25 buy now
EU-M21DTG-21 Mimaki TexJet TX3-1600 Reactive Dye 220ml CMYK, LC, LM 11.25 buy now
EU-R22DTG-22 Roland Versa Studio BN-20 Eco-Solvent Max 220ml CMYK 12.99 buy now
EU-R23DTG-23 Roland VS-300, 540, 640 Eco-Solvent Max 220ml CMYK, LC, LM 11.25 buy now
EU-E24DTG-24 Epson SureColour SC-F2000 (5C)[white edition][SCF2000WE][6-Cart Bays] Ultrachrome DG 600ml**** WWYMCK 19.99 buy now
EU-E25DTG-25 Epson SureColour SC-F2000 (4C)[h/s edition][6-Cartridge Bays] Ultrachrome DG 600ml**** KYMMCC 19.99 buy now
EU-EC26DTG-26 Epson SureColour SC-F2000 Cartridge Chip Ultrachrome DG N/A WCMYK 9.90 buy now
EU-E27DTG-27 Epson SureColour SC-F2100 (5C)[highlight white mode incl.][SCF2100WE][6-Cart. Bays] Ultrachrome DG 600ml WWCMYK 19.99 buy now
EU-E28DTG-28 Epson SureColour SC-F2100 (4C)[h/s color mode] Ultrachrome DG 600ml WCMYK 19.99 buy now


  • Above cartridges are pre-set, ready to fill
  • Cartridge Colours: Transparent, Translucent & Opaque
  • Cartridges are supplied with or without chip as per OEM specification.  
  • * Ink cartridge types: Refillable/Multiple-Use (without chip  or with disposable chip), and Single-Use chip (as in OEM cartridges). Extra chip, on request
  • Cartridges, Ink Bags and Chips are sold in sets of 4, 5, or 6 - as applicable 
  • ** Cartridges for MT, WH, BL, RD, GR, Grey, OR, LK, LKK, Golden Yellow - where applicable, but not listed -  may be available upon request.
  • Tough, strong, multi-use 220ml Refill Ink Bags supplied as extras or with Anajet cartridges.
  • 200ml ink bag sets for Neoflex I/II, Polyprint Texjet (echo/shortee/plus) and Resolute FJ4 printers, available upon request 
  • Epson SureColor F2100 & F2000 DTG printer cartridges: 600ml - C(T7252), M(T7253), Y(T7254), K(T7251), WH(T725A); 250ml - C(T7301), M(T7302), Y(T7303), K(T7304) WH(T730A)
    - 600ml cartridges optimised for inks for 100% cotton & 50/50 polyester blend (or cellulose fibre garments)
  • Optional 220ml***250ml**** and 300ml cartridges, may be available upon request
  • Compatible D.T.G & Digital Direct Textile (DT) Printing Inks:  eco-solvent inks, reactive dye inks, acid dye inks, aqueous textile pigment & ultrachrome DG inks.  

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