Packaging & Coding UV Fluorescent & Curable, IR & Standard Inkjet Inks

for inkjet coding of uncoated or coated porous and semi-porous media stocks -  corrugated paper, chipboard, foils, blister packs, etc


  • Printer-specific inks compliant with HP TIJ & Epson piezo technologies & cartridge designs
  • Inks manufactured for printer and print head manufacturers
    - with reliable jetting, adhesion, durability & colour performance.
  • Regular aqueous and uv curable monomer inks
  • Security packaging inks: aqueous uv fluorescent & uv curable

No mess, bold, legible and fully formed characters. 

Porous, semi-porous and non-porous rigid & flexible heat sensitive materials, including:

  • Paper (coated & uncoated): laminated paper board, coated chip board, corrugated carton papers (for case and outer boxes for eggs, drinks, mineral water bottles, pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, fish, other foods & beverages, cosmetics/personal care, construction, etc)
  • Rigid plastics & Synthetic: PVC/Polycarbonate/Teslin - card;  Polyethylene (hdpe) - grocery & other retail packaging bags/containers
  • Flexible plastics: acrylic coated blister foil, polypropylene (pp), polyethylene (ldpe) shrink and other packaging films for bagging, casing, wrapping, etc  


  • In-line and off-line packaging.  Directly imprinting high definition product authentication, personalisations and other variable data (e.g., best-before dates, serial/batch numbers, quality assurance info., graphics, time format, shift codes, tracking/tracing barcodes and alphanumeric codes, company logos, etc) in large characters (12.7mm high plus) on case, pouch & outer carton packaging.
  • ID Cards (PC & PVC), Labels, Tickets, Lottery Coupons and other business forms
  • Security packaging.  Anti-counterfeit, unique markings to protect, verify and authenticate your package/product/identity.  Covert invisible text/images/features/control codes can be applied anywhere on the packaging material (and in as many sections as you require to define the complexity of your security) without altering the beauty of your design artwork.  Make the Original distinguishable from the Counterfeit!


1.0  HP TIJ Packaging/Coding Inkjet Inks

1.1. Ink Types, Colours & Supplies 

Inks optimised for packaging/mailing and HP TIJ industrial printers.  Only 
OEM branded & unbranded inks from manufacturers who supply OEMs.

Applications include ID cards, labels, tickets, flat polybags, and bundling/wrapping, corrugated cardboard & paper cartons, etc.

We supply in cartridges and in bulk for use in standalone desktops, collators, transports, and variable data printing via web/sheet-fed presses.

1.1.1. Bulk Inks.

Product Number Product Description
AH-27BWRPP Black, regular water-based HP 4500 pigment inkjet ink for packaging/mailing & addressing using HP TIJ 2.5 printers
AH-28BRVCP Black, regular UV -curable inkjet ink (UV bulb/UV-LED light) for HP TIJ 2.5 printers.  Anti-UV degredation. Superb adhesion.  No colour fade
AH-29BIRFP Invisible IR fluorescent Security ink, water-based & optimised for HP TIJ 2.5 printers [IR light detection, blue fluorescence].
Colour under filtered camera: blue
AH-30XIVFP Invisible UV fluorescent Security inks, water-based & optimised for HP TIJ 2.5/4.0 printing systems/web presses. [HP M500, C500, C800,M800; HP IPAS 425i; iDataPrint H500; Webtron 650; Digital Print TIJ 150, etc] [black light detection, blue fluorescence].
Colours: red, green, yellow and blue.
  • Packing: 1 litre bottle & 5 litre container
  • Note: 'X' in the part number represents the colours applicable to the product

1.1.2. Cartridge Inks.

Available in OEM ink cartridges, and OEM - licensed ink cartridges, depending on coder/press.

Product Number Product Description
AH-20BWRPP Black, 42ml, regular aqueous HP 45A pigment ink cartridge for standalone & integrated style system, with/without connector
AH-21BRVCP Black, 42ml, regular UV-curable HP 45A ink cartridge for  standalone & integrated style system, with/without connector. [UV-Mercury Lamp/UV-LED]
AH-23BIRFP Invisible Infrared (IR) fluorescent Security Ink, 42ml, water-based & optimised for HP TIJ 2.5 printers/systems. [IR light detection,
blue fluorescence].  Colour under filtered camera is blue.
AH-24XIVFP Invisible UV fluorescent Security Inks, 42ml, water-based & optimised for HP TIJ 2.5 printers/systems. [Black light detection,
blue fluorescence].  Colours - red, green, yellow and blue.   Note: 'X' in the part number represents each ink colour.
AH-25BVDPP 775ml, sharp crisp, high optical density,  black, pigment ink cartridge for HP TIJ 4 based variable data printing systems/addresing &
mailing units/web presses 
- HP M500, C500, C800, M800, DJM IPAS 425i, Mark Andy 2200 series,  HP IPAS 425i, iDataPrint H800, iDataPrint H500; Webtron 650, TIJ-850, etc.
AH-26BVDDP 775ml, sharp crisp, high optical density,  black, dye ink cartridge for HP TIJ 4 based variable data printing systems/addresing &
mailing units/web presses - HP M500, C500, C800, M800, DJM IPAS 425i, Mark Andy 2200 series, HP IPAS 425i, iDataPrint H800, iDataPrint H500; Webtron 650, TIJ-850, etc.

See section 1.2 below for some coders/systems and their OEM ink cartridge part numbers, packing and colours

1.2.  OEM Industrial Coders/Press/Systems (With Some Ink Part Numbers, Packing & Colours)


  • Premium Black, uv resistant, 42ml ink cartridge - WLK660088
  • Non-porous Black, light & water resistant, 42ml ink cartridge - WLK660072.   
  • Universal Black, uv resistant, 42ml ink cartridge  - WLK667482 (UB7482)
  • Black heatless sapphire IQ648 ink and others

    m600, m600 advanced, m600 basic, m600 universal, 8510 & 8610 inkjet printers



  • 42ml, 4500 black, light fast & water fast pigment ink cartridge (51645A)
  • x10 42ml, 4500 black, light fast & water fast pigment ink cartridge (CG339A)
  • 350ml, 4500 black, bulk aqueous ink cartridge (Q7457A)
  • 775ml, fast drying, aqueous black ink cartridge for TIJ 4 printers/systems (HP 4260)
  • 775ml, aqueous black ink cartridge for TIJ 4 printers/systems (HP 4250)
  • 775ml, extremely black, high resolution, water-based dye ink cartridge (CQ862A)
  • 775ml, sharp crisp black, optically dense, high resolution water-based pigment ink cartridge (B3F22A)


Digital Print

  • TIJ 150, TIJ 425, TIJ 850, TIJ 1275, TIJ 1700
  • 42ml, black aqueous, optically dense pigment ink cartridge
  • 775ml, black aqueous, optically dense pigment ink cartridge
  • 775ml, black fast drying, high optical density ink cartridge
  • 1 litre bottle, invisible UV fluorescent security ink (black light detection, aqueous)

Digital Design

  • Evolution printer models: I, II, III, I-LX, II-LX, including DM (diamond machines egg packager).
  • Inks, Packing/Colour/Part Numbers:
    -  42ml, regular aqueous pigment ink cartridges -  black/4500bk6, blue/4500bl6, red/4500rd6, green/4500gr6, and black/4550bk6*
    - 1 litre bottle,  Invisible UV fluoresent security ink (black light detection, aqueous) -  invisible/4500uv6.

    * for the LX options only



  • TJ500 & TJ1000.
  • Standard ink cartridge


2.0.  Epson Piezo Based Packaging/Coding Inkjet Inks.

2.1. Ink Types & Colours

Inks optimised for graphics & packaging and piezoelectric-based industrial printers, including roll-to-roll and flatbed wide-format drop-on-demand inkjet printing:

Product Number Product Description
AE-30XRVCP  Regular UV curable (UV-Mercury lamp/UV-LED), VOC free, inkjet inks.Colours -black, white, magenta, light magenta, light cyan, cyan, clear, light yellow & yellow. [DX4/DX5 printhead coders/printers/flatbeds].  Superb adhesion.  Anti-UV degradation.  High impact colours, no fade.
AE-29XIVCP Invisible UV curable fluorescent Security , VOC free, inkjet inks (UV-Bulb/UV-LED).
Colours - cyan, green, yellow [black light detection, DX4/DX5 printhead coders/printers/flatbeds]. Excellent adhesion & fluorescence
AE-26XIVFP Invisible UV fluorescent Security inkjet inks [black light detection, aqueous, blue fluorescence]
Colours - red, cyan, green and yellow [DX4/DX5 printhead coders/printers/flatbeds].  Excellent adhesion & fluorescence
  • Note: 'X' in the part numbers represents each colour of the product

2.2. Packing 

  • 1 litre bottle

2.3. Applications

Text & Graphics Printing, Marking & Coding:

  •  Rigid materials - Polycarbonate (PC), Teslin Synthetic, and PVC cards; Polyethylene (HDPE - retail bags including grocery & trash); Corrugated cardboard 
  •  Flexible roll media/films - Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (LDPE & LLDPE - stretch/shrink/wrapping films), Polystylene (PS), Acrylic blister foils, 


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