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nMarkOne Invisible UV Fluorescent & IR Inkjet Inks - offer digital print capability no other uv/ir inks have

This is a family of digital UV & infra-red inkjet inks (with dye & pigment-based options) developed for document security and the special effect industries (including packaging). It is an enhanced fade-resistance security formulation, offering invisible ink colours, fluorescence, and vibrancy that together make it suitable for medium to long term indoor/ outdoor document applications where the exposure of fine design details can be of immense advantage.

  • Prints made by these inks are invisible to the naked eyes under normal light but become visible when aided by exposure to UV light or Infra-Red source.
  • The nMarkOne ink family is a standard for invisible inkjet ink printing.  It sets & locks into the surface of a substrate, protecting prints from abrasion/damage.  Besides, it has excellent weatherability and can be over-laminated without change to its output to ensure optimal colour and finish.
  • nMarkOne is made up of two distinct ink types, each designed to allow the user to combine a range of standard and custom security elements (watermarks, control/audit codes, key patterns, etc) that make documents easy to protect and authenticate and to ensure originality of property ownership.

Invisible UV Fluorescent Inks

  • This ink-type is available in two formats, formulated and optimised separately for piezo (Epson) and thermal (HP) print head printers.
  • Both ink formats emit outstanding fluorescence within their respective wavelengths.  Their prints are smudge-free, crisp, sharp and durable, with long-term performance and excellent adhesion of text & graphics to a substrate.  There are seven colours (w, c, m, y, lc, lm & green) for Epson printers [where white (w) is for k],  and three ( red, green and blue) for HP printers.

Invisible Infra-Red (IR) Fluorescent Ink

  • This ink is visible only under IR-light or IR enabled digital cameras, with a range of visibility wavelengths starting from 800nm approximately.



  • Commercial Use - Branding & Conversion of signatures, patterns, artworks, signatures, serial codes, security marks and other prints in the following into invisible outputs: Travel documents; bank & promotional cheques; watermarked stationery & letterheads; certificates; custom wallpapers, murals & coverings; menus for nightclubs; research results & formulations; non-transferable re-admission documents or paper products ( e.g., sports, charity, concerts, theatre, cinema, exhibitions, conferences, amusement parks, zoos, school fairs & dance, castles, public swimming pool tickets, vouchers or membership cards).
  • Personal/Domestic Use - Secret Hidden Messages, Wills, etc.
  • Decorative/Special Effects:  used for the production of glow-in-the-dark designs, decorating light switches and plastic & glass surfaces, colouring special security fibres, etc.



  • Using a suitable graphics software, you can add invisible security threads to your documents via stacks of layered images in order to create super secure, artistic, complex illustrations or formats of your personal or business financial/design data.  Besides, you can easily & inexpensively reposition the images/text/codes in other locations while still preserving the look & feel of your original document. Your data only turns visible in fluorescent colours under UV light, and are invisible when scanned
  • nMarkOne UV fluorescent inks can also be printed in multiple layers along with Invisible IR inks to further strengthen security. Security marks made by nMarkOne UV inks & Invisible IR inks of different wavelengths cannot be replaced by print processes.


nMarkOne UV fluorescent inkjet ink can be used on virtually any paper media that passes through an inkjet printer. For example, labels, tags, ID Cards, cheques, tickets, puzzles, posters and more.

  • Secure Stamp Papers - off white & translucent options.  [Can be supplied with or
    without water-soluble/pressure sensitive adhesive, if required]. 
  • Secure Wall Art Vinyl - fast drying, tear-resistant white media designed for
    water-based inkjet inks, 'wallpaper', wall decals, door signs, floor graphics, etc. See your secured designs on the walls of your BARS/PUBLIC HOUSES
  • Secure Digital Fine Art Papers/Canvas - Enabling wireless security of museum, gallery, exhibition, in-transit, and private collection artworks, portraits and paintings.
  • CBS1 & CBS2 Secure Papers - using cheque inkjet inks, etc.
  • Secure Ticket & Receipt Papers - Football, Concert/Festival, Packaging, Museum, Tourist Site, Parking tickets; Credit Card terminals & Banking/ATM receipts.
  • Transaction bond Papers - for a bill of laden, debit cards, insurance policy, share transfer, and other forms where optical character recognition (OCR) is required.
  • Secure Board Papers (up to 119gsm) - for Photo Board Games/Jigsaw Puzzles, Posters, Brochure Cover, Adult Children, Book Cover, Exhibition Display.

    Interested in any of the above media?  Email us for more info

Add Security To Your Archival & Museum Art

1. Invisible UV Fluorescent Inkjet Inks For Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh & Roland Aqueous Piezo Printers

Colours & Packing

  • White (W), Yellow (Y), Cyan (C), Magenta (M)
    Light Cyan (LC), Light Magenta (LM), Green (G).
  • Available in 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre bottles,
    4 litre kegs, 15 litre kegs.
  • Other containers, subject to availability & customer requirements
  • Green colour: Available in 500ml bottle or more. 

The bulk economy option.  Customers save because, for example, they can fill over six (6) cartridges with a 125ml bottle


Compatible Printers - Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland

  • Epson Stylus Photo 1290, 1290S, P50; Stylus Pro 3000, 5000, 7500, 9500, 7600, 9600, 4900, 4880, 4800; Workforce WF-2530WF, WF-3520, WF-3520DWF, WF-3620DWF, Pro WP-4525DNF, WP-4010, WP-4020, Pro WF-4730 DTWF, WF-4720DWF, WF-7710DWF, WF-7720DTWF, WF-7210DTW, WF-7110DTW, WF-2860DWF, WF-2865DWF, WF-M5299DW, WF-8590DWF, WF-8590DTWF, WF-8590D3TWFC, WF-8090DW, WF-8090DTW, WF-8090D3TWC, WF-8510DWF, WF-8010DW; SureColor SC-P400, SC-P600, SC-P800; Eco Tank ET-7700, ET-2750, ET-2700, ET-2600, ET-2650, ET-2500; Mimaki JV22-130/160; Mutoh Falcom RF4100; Roland CammJet 400/500 and many more >> 

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Products  (UV Fluorescent Inks For Epson & Other Piezo Aqueous Printers)


Ink Colour P/Number  Ink Capacity Action P/Number Ink Capacity Action P/Number Ink Capacity Action P/Number Ink Capacity Action
White AO-23WIVP-1   125ml buy now AO-23WIVP-8 250ml buy now AO-23WIVP-15 500ml buy now AO-23WIVP-22 1 litre buy now
Cyan AO-23CIVP-2 125ml buy now AO-23CIVP-9 250ml buy now AO-23CIVP-16 500ml buy now AO-23CIVP-23 1 litre buy now
Magenta AO-23MIVP-3 125ml buy now AO-23MIVP-10 250ml buy now AO-23MIVP-17 500ml buy now AO-23MIVP-24 1 litre buy now
Yellow AO-23YIVP-4 125ml buy now AO-23YIVP-11 250ml buy now AO-23YIVP-18 500ml buy now AO-23YIVP-25 1 litre buy now
Green AO-23GIVP-5 500ml contact us AO-23GIVP-12 1 litre contact us AO-23GIVP-19 2 litre contact us AO-23GIVP-26 4 litre contact us
Light Cyan AO-23LCIVP-6 125ml buy now AO-23LCIVP-13 250ml buy now AO-23LCIVP-20 500ml buy now AO-23LCIVP-27 1 litre buy now
Light Magenta AO-23LMIVP-7 125ml buy now AO-23LMIVP-14 250ml buy now AO-23LMIVP-21 500ml buy now AO-23LMIVP-28 1 litre buy now

Greenish-Yellow UV Fluorescent Inkjet Ink:
- a different 2-in-1 option for creating & adding exciting & unique colour images to document security & making counterfeiting

  much more difficult

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2. Request Quote 

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2. UV Fluorescent Inkjet Inks For HP Non-Industrial  (standard desktop SOHO) Printers  


  • Smudge-free, crisp, sharp, durable prints with long-term performance and excellent adhesion of text & graphics to your substrate
  • Fluorescent pigment & dye Inks specially optimised for use on HP TIJ small format & Designjet large format printers
  • Aqueous based security inks designed & optimised for standard low - medium speed document production applications, using HP licensed HP45 (51645A), HP40 (51640) 42ml standard cartridges and bulk ink delivery cartridges and Office/Home Desktops by HP and other thermal printer Manufacturers.


  • Supplied in a bulk 500ml bottle, 1litre bottle, 2 & 3litre containers 


  • Document security: identity protection, validation and authentication


  • Papers, Teslin synthetics, and some labelling or coated foils

    (lottery/tickets, driver's licence, vouchers, gaming slips, equipment inserts, instrument leaflets, medical/prescription pads & test/trial results, motor vehicle title documents, cheques, deeds, certificates, warrants, visas, cards, coupons, PIN mailers, invoice statement, mailing/addressing envelopes, direct mailings, posters, wallpapers, etc.)
  • Coated media may require more drying capacity, depending on printing system, printing procedures and environmental conditions. 


Compatible HP Printers

  • HP Officejet Pro 1175c, Photostat 1215, Designjet 1220c, Designjet 750c, Officejet Pro R65, Deskjet 1220c, etc 

Open the brochure below:

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Products: Bulk UV Fluorescent Inkjet Inks  - for HP45 (51645A) & HP40 (51640) 42mil Catridges and Bulk Ink Delivery Cartridges 

Ink Colour  P/Number   Ink Capacity  P/Number  Ink Capacity     P/Number Ink Capacity P/Number



White AU-24WIVH-1 500ml AU-24WIVH-6 1 litre AU-24WIVH-11 2 litre    AU-24WIVH-16  3 litre
Cyan AU-24CIVH-2 500ml AU-24CIVH-7 1 litre AU-24CIVH-12 2 litre AU-24CIVH-17 3 litre
Magenta AU-24MIVH-3 500ml AU-24MIVH-8 1 litre AU-24MIVH-13 2 litre AU-24MIVH-18 3 litre
Yellow AU-24YIVH-4 500ml AU-24YIVH-9 1 litre AU-24YIVH-14 2 litre AU-24YIVH-19 3 litre
Green AU-24GIVH-5 500ml AU-24GIVH-10 1 litre AU-24GIVH-15 2 litre AU-24GIVH-20 3 litre

Greenish-Yellow UV Fluorescent Inkjet Ink:
- a different 2-in-1 option for creating & adding exciting & unique colour images to document security & making counterfeiting much more difficult

3. Invisible Infra-Red (IR) Aqueous Inkjet Ink For Epson Printers


  • The IR Ink is visible only under IR-light or IR enabled digital cameras.
  • Visibility wavelength:  from 800nm approximately
  • Colour under optically filtered camera: black
  • Packing for the IR ink: 1litre bottle.
  • Product Code: AR-25KIVEP-800
  • Available on special order only

 Request for more information.

Product Code Description Price
AR-25KIVEP-800 Invisible infra-red, water-based inkjet ink [IR radiation detection, from 800nanometer wavelength approximately] [1litre bottle] contact us

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Epson UV Fluorescent Inks

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HP UV Fluorescent Inks

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