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  • Premium Security Multi-Part Carbonless Papers
  • Self Contained Carbonless Papers
  • Tractor-fed Continuous Computer Papers


Premium chemical transfer sheet-systems, designed to provide outstanding secure finishes on copies without using carbon paper.

Key Features

Our NCR (no-carbon-required) paper systems were developed, engineered and manufactured from base sheets that: 

  • Are ISO 9001 quality compliant
  • Are very stable and free from impurities (thus trouble-free during conversion).
  • Are absolutely flat (thus ensuring perfect runnability in printers)
  • Produce copies with excellent longevity, typically over 24 years of endurance, if stored correctly as per business documents 
  • Produce consistent copy images & text: smearless, sharp, dark, and forgery-proof.
  • Have high strength, high opacity, good stiffness and whiteness combined with the fine appearance of natural paper


In addition to the inherent security base of our carbonless system, we offer further security via a premium combination.

The formulations include: 

  • Coated back (CB) sheets
  • Coated front & back (CFB) sheets
  • Coated front (CF) sheets
  • Self-contained (SC) sheets
  • Self-contained & coated back (SC/CB) sheets
  • Security Bond papers (CBx).  Available in three formats: with a back coating (CBx1,103gsm), without
    back coating (CBx0, 95gsm), and with back coating + special anti-forgery dyes (CBx2, 90gsm)


  • The backside coating of CB and CFB sheets consist of pressure sensitive binders and ink releasing
  • The front coating of each of the CF and CFB sheets is ink-absorbing.  
  • Under pressure, the dyes from the CB or CFB react with the developer on the CFB or the CF to form a visible image.
  • The image colour is black
  • The CF is non-pressure sensitive
  • The SC has both ink-producing & ink-absorbing coatings on the upper surface of the sheet.
  • The FORT, a premium multipart security system, combines CBx with our unique black copy papers.
    - Basically, it is UV secure and sensitive (reactive and protective) to alteration, forgery, counterfeiting and toner removal by chemicals as well as receptive to a wide range of industry-standard, layer-on-layer, security features (watermarks, UV fibres, holographic planchettes, holograms and after-production overt features). Chemicals include high & low polarity solvents, bleaches, oxidisers, acids and alkali.
    - The CBx formulation effectively defines its flexibility in system configuration & level of additional security.

Fighting Alteration, Forgery & Counterfeiting Of Business & Government Security Documents

2-part System (Fort I)

3-part System (Fort II)

4-part System (Fort III)

  • Above Configurations are for CBx0
  • Sheet configurations with CBx1 & CBx2, upon request

Printing Technologies

  • Mono & colour Laser Printing
  • Inkjet Printing (including UV fluorescence)
  • Digital Press Printing
  • Wet & Dry Offset Litho & Letterpress Printing
  • Flexographic Printing


Include multi-part (duplicate, triplicate & quadruple) documents, such as:

  • Credit application forms
  • Pharmaceutical case form
  • Shipping forms
  • Bank transfer forms
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Drugs & Urine evaluation forms
  • P45 & P60
  • Bank Giro/transfer forms
  • Betting slips
  • Courier despatch notes
  • Security & Stock certificates
  • Purchase orders
  • Padded forms
  • Payslips
  • Cashflow statements
  • Vouchers
  • Cheque books
  • CC Receipt/Other Receipt books
  • Data Mailers
  • Visas & Permits



  • Pre-collated sheets [ 2-, 3-, 4-part premium systems]
    - CBx (chemical protection/sensitisation) + SC  (FORT I)
    - CBx (chemical protection/sensitisation & uv visible fibers)  + SCCB + CF  (FORT II)
    - CBx (chemical protection/sensitisation, true uv visible watermarks & multi-coloured uv fiber matrix)
      + SCCB + CFB + CF  (FORT III)
  • Self Contained Carbonless Systems - SC and SCCB only
  • Further customisation/personalisation and production of all systems & sheets, upon request

    - Watermarks, reactive to UV light from one side only (custom or standard design options)
    - The CBx is treated with reagents that turn into indelible coloured marks when an alteration is attempted
    - CBx options: CBx1 (103gsm), CBx0 (95gsm), and CBx2 (90gsm)
    - Standard sheet sizes & colour: See descriptions below

Sheet Sizes

  • 210mm x 297mm (A4)
  • 305mm x 430mm (RA3)
  • 430mm x 610mm (RA2)
  • 610mm x 860mm (RA1)
  • Other sheet sizes (e.g., SRA2) upon request and subject to availability

Colours & Sheet Systems

  • CBx: off white or creamy ivory
  • CB: white
  • CFB: white, yellow, pink, blue
  • CF: white
  • SC: white
  • SC/CB: white
  • 4-part system: off white or creamy ivory (CBx) plus two whites and any CFB colour
  • 3-part system: off white or creamy ivory (CBx) plus two whites
  • 2-part system: off white or creamy ivory (CBx) plus white or yellow of SC [Yellow, subject to availability]

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Continuous Stock Computer Stationery Papers

  • Single-Sheet or one-part, 2-side sprocketed, Stationery for use in all types pin-fed or tractor fed dot matrix printers [standard plain & bespoke designs]
  • Continuous, fanfold (z-fold), one-part, 2-side sprocketed, forms papers [standard plain & bespoke designs].
  • Optional Features & Multiple Systems:
    - Custom or Standard Sprocket hole sizes on both sides (12.7mm, or as specified by customer)
    - Perforations: horizontal and or vertical, to aid tear-off
    - Design Format: Blank or with Colour bars
    - Single or Double-side printing, with consecutive numbering
    - Green or blue bar colouring (12.7 & 4mm), with standard or custom spacing
    - Standard Bond Paper sheet size (width x drop): 241 x 280mm.  Other widths/drops: up to 368mm/305mm
    - Paper Weights: 90gsm, 75gsm, and 56gsm
    - Multiple Sheet Systems: 2 or 3-part paper systems, on request

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    ​- Quote type required: C & F, C I. F., Ex-Works or F.O.B
    - Any other requirement (e.g., preferred language and optional covert security feature)
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Fort Security Paper

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