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Chart recorders are evolving continually; so too, are their inks, ink cartridges, ribbons, chart papers, pens and other marking systems.

These imaging accessories must be clear, sharp and well defined upon application so that the marks that they make are distinctively precise, accurate and readable.

We commit to offering the very best of marking systems in the marketplace, whilst continually supporting the vast population of changing recorders and consumables

You get ocm & oem brands that you need for all OEM models
                              ...including supplies for discontinued recorders 


  • Pens (plotter, integrator, disposable fibre-tipped cartridges, scannable, dot printing heads and pens for earlier recorders)
  • Ribbons & Ink Rods/Pads/wheels (cassettes, tubes ....... in single & multiple colours)
  • Inks (slow dry aqueous, bottled; Ink cartridge, Inkjet printheads)
  • Charts from thermal/heat sensitive, ink writing, metalised, electrosensitive, non-photographic or pressure sensitive papers (typically strip circular, z-/fan-fold, rectangular/vertical, XYY/XY plotter integrator, flat-bed, and custom [in pads, rolls & sheets]).

We supply Charts and Markers to meet the needs of our customers in a wide range of industrial, scientific, laboratory, and marine environments - where recording, testing, sensing, monitoring, profiling, control & high performance are hugely required. Our clients include:

  • Petrochemical, Gas, Oil, Molten Steel, Universities, R & D Centres, Food, Brewery, Hydro/Nuclear/Fossil Power Units,  Military/Defence and Pharmaceutical industries.  Scroll down for more

Only consumables from OEMs and contract OCMs that manufacture and supply leading manufacturers of recorders and allied output equipment are supplied.  They are ISO 9001 & ISO14001 certified. 

Chart, Pen & Ribbon Manufacturers
ABB Kent Taylor-Cambridge, Anderson, Barton Cameron, Coleman, Bacharach, Dickson, Endress & Hauser, Eurotherm chessel, Feinpruf, Goerz Metrawatt, Hartmann & Braun, Hokushin, Honeywell, Hitachi, Jumo/Juchein, Lloyds JJ, NEC, Partlow, Sato Rikadenki, Keiryoki, Sekonic, Scientific Atlantic, Taylor-Robson, Watanabe, Weksler, Yamatake, Yokogawa, Zeiss .....and many more

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  • We are focusing on the history of recording instruments.  So - whether you are gauging/testing/scanning/profiling /sensing/probing/sampling/blending/monitoring or measuring the potential across an analyte, dissolved oxygen, temperature, humidity, dew point, vapour, moisture, pressure, flow, conductivity, stress relief, solid dose, turbidity, rainfall, radiation patterns, colour, fluorescent proteins, surface blisters, deformation, residual chlorine, liquid level, or something else - we are here to help with the correct chart or graph paper for your project.
  • Our supplies include chart papers (with or without grids) for multiple process recorders (in-built or standalone), Talysurf 5/10, K510/K407E-2193, A112/458, A112/1211M, A112/355, obsolete recorders (such as K & Z BD200 or Duonorm Tec 1/2 or Servogor SE790 & Dialoq), and Video imaging printer/recorders (Mitsubishi, Toshiba,Sony, Fuji, Seiko, Olympus, Polaroid). 
    Some of the papers include blank chart paper, barograph, yokograph, videographic paper, video printing paper, weksler thermohygrograph, sato thermohygrograph, thermograph, hygrograph, hitachi thermal paper, xy plotter paper, conturograph, makrograph, milligraph, pertograph, talysurf chart paper, oilfield circular chart paper, geolograph, drillograph, chromograph, marine chart recording paper, and chromotachograph.
  • If you require an unusual or hard-to-find chart/graph paper, for a piece of obsolete or current recording equipment or analytical graphics printer for example, please forward a sample to us and we will be happy to quote.
  • We offer maximum flexibility in customisation; for example, in colour, back-print, range, customer name or no-name, logo, etc, if required.


  • Water-based fibre and steel tip, oil-based fibre tip, rollerball, and disposable liquid ink pens plus bucket cap pens
  • Colours such as black, red, blue, green, brown and violet - including specialty light green, turquoise, magenta, yellow and orange - are available on request. Our intense black & colour inks are designed to eliminate retracing.
  • Single & multiple colour Pens.  For example, 4-Colour Plotter Pens for devices by  Casio, Canon, Brother, Sharp, Tandy, Commodore, Loewe, Mitutoyo, Shiruba, and General.
  • Ink ribbons, Bottled Ink, Honeywell Ink cartridge, Ink rods, Ink wheels, Ink printhead - in one or mixed colours.  For example, multi-colour ink ribbon cassettes for:
    - Honeywell Recorder DPR 180, DPR 3000
    - Westronics Recorder 3000 series
    - ABB Kent-Taylor Recorder Commander PR100, MR250
    - Juchheim Recorder DP32v -10/2
    - Hartmann & Braun Recorders MiD2-Gh, Point Master 200
    - Yokogawa HR2500, 3081, DR232
    - Rikadenki 4658/1
  • Enquiries for custom, single or multi-colour inked nylon fabric ribbons are welcome.

End Users & Resellers, as well as Manufacturers of Industrial, Laboratory & Marine recording/marking systems with interest in the following fields:

  • Water Control (water quality/flow, Waste & Slurry Management, etc)
  • Irrigation and Agriculture
  • Dairy Production, Refrigeration, Sterilization, Pasteurization (including Milk Processing)
  • Iron & Steel Manufacturing & Processing (molten steel, casting, rolling mills, etc)
  • Food, Beverage & Brewery
  • Textile Dyeing (heat control)
  • Marine Applications (VDRs, echo sounders, boilers/testing systems, water treatment heat exchangers, weather fax recorders)
  • Laboratories (Forensic, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, Toxicology, and Environment)
  • Petro-crude oil, Petrochemical & Gas Production (sampling & blending, Gas & Liquid Chromatography, oilfield & offshore instrumentation, LNG measurement/distribution)
  • Radiation Pattern Analysis (Defence, Radio/TV/Internet Broadband & Broadcast Communication Systems, etc)
  • X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy (fluorescent markers/proteins; mercury contamination in creams; marine organisms and other organic & inorganic substances, etc)
  • Moisture & Emission Analysis (manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, marine, food, tobacco, automobile, jet engine/missile testing)
  • Meteorological Applications (weather instrumentation; thermohygrograph, barograph, hygrograph, thermograph, mechanical thermometer  etc)
  • Metrology & Engineering Tribology (calibration, surface/form/roundness of gear/bearing/film, etc)
  • Refractories & Abrasives (thermal analysis, thermophysical properties testing).
  • Mineralogy/Geology (Gems, Rocks, Minerals & earthquakes: seismic waves, seismographs)
  • Traffic Management (digital tachographs, etc)
  • Video imaging & recording (patient monitoring, etc)
  • Research & Development of new products (universities, research centres, etc)
  • Data Acquisition & Control Instrumentation (power plant turbine temperature & vibration, biosecurity, biology/life sciences, biotechnology nanotechnology, etc)
  • Other areas relating to test & measurement technologies  


  • Usually 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 25, 50, etc, pieces per outer box

Custom And Difficult-To-Specify Products

  • If you require a custom product or you have no time to specify the product you require in exact detail, we suggest you forward a sample (by post or electronically). Your ribbon or recording ink or paper will be analyzed to enable us to supply the right quality.


  • We are not able to state our prices on this page because of the variation in product size, packing, and quantity required by customers.
  • All products are supplied in standard OEM & OCM packaging & packing
  • Minimum order quantity may apply

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    - Recorder Make/Model, Product Type (chart, pen, ribbon, or ink), OEM/OCM Product Code and Quantity required
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