Waterslide Decal Transfer Paper - Enamelware Soap Wood Metal Procal


What is it? Simply put, it is a decorating paper designed to transform the look and feel of a substrate.  It comprises a top film with a backing coated with layers of clay, starch and dextrin suitable for its release during transfer.

The Procal Portfolio

  • Waterslide decal papers

Like other non-heat releasing (or traditionally, non-firing) decal papers, one major advantage of procal waterslide is that you do not have to be committed to one design.  You can remove the design or decal from the substrate surface whenever you wish, and then replace it with a fresh design [if you did not opt for further finishing treatments][see below].


General Features

  • Requires water for separation
  • Excellent adhesion and peel resistance, unless exposed to water or excessive heat.
  • Manufactured to ISO9001
  • Indoor applications
  • Easy to apply. Cut and stick onto the substrate
  • Available in clear and white for inkjet and laser printing.
  • Perfect for revealing 'painted on effect' in difficult recesses or complex curvy surfaces, epecially where large images have been sliced or die-cut and collaged to fit in and to avoid wrinkles. Leaves the substrate looking as if the paper/film isn't there.
  • Laser options may be baked for increased strength & durability.
    [Note: Baking leaves a sepia tone or a reddish brown colour from the iron oxide of the toner. Some customers may like this colour/finish when decorating glass, enamel or ceramics.  Customers are advised to use OEM toners and establish their own oven settings for this treatment.  Click here to try laser toners with higher levels of iron oxide, if your standard OEM toners do not quite offer the toning effect that you require]


Applications & Benefits.
Vast applications, Amazing effects! 

  • Ideal for arts & crafts
  • Ultimate in decoration flexibility. Can be die-cut and applied to virtually any shape, for example:
    - to identify your company vehicles, promote your products 24/7 on the body of your car, or express your emotions and all of your other
      communication needs.
    - to beautify an object (e.g., candle) for wedding, birthdays, diner or as a gift.
    - for labels on domestic and industrial appliances;  etc.
  • Using digital decal eliminates the lengthy setup times and blurred details that sometimes characterize other types of decorations, markings.

    All you need is a PC, a suitable printer/copier, and a guide. 


Technologies & Supplies
Several printing technologies and media are available for the production of decals.

We focus on:

PrintingInkjet & Laser 

MediaNon-Heat Releasing Decal Papers/Films



Decals can be applied permanently for decorative purposes on:

  • Collector plates, hanging ceramic tiles, glassware, plastic water bottles, stainless steel, enamel jewelry, enameled porcelain cookware, wood
    and other regular or irregular objects or finished products that you would not wash or heat but would want to add your photo or creation.
  • Motocycle helmets, soap, candles, promotional gifts, photo frames, book & album covers, envelopes, chairs, tables, computer frame, lamp shades, pencil pouches, phone housing or receiver, model airplanes, model trains & automobiles, wooden paques, toys, bicycles, sports & entertainment equipment, advertising & special events, sculpture, etc 

Free Instructions.  Every sale comes with a user guide, so you wont be on your own. 

Procal Laser & Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper   

  • Inkjet white papers are used when applying transfers onto dark surfaces
  • Inkjet clear papers are used when applying transfers onto light coloured surfaces
  • Laser white papers are used when applying transfers onto dark surfaces
  • Laser clear papers are used when applying transfers onto light coloured surfaces 

Paper Sizes, Grammage & Availability

  • Both our inkjet & laser papers are supplied in A4 & A3 sizes
  • 176gsm or 180gsm
  • Delivery within the UK, from next day to 5 working days from order confirmation.

Printer Compatibility

  • Inkjet Printers
  • Laser  Printers


AM1301WDIPC Inkjet Clear A4 10 14.20 contact us
AM1302WDIPW Inkjet White A4 10 14.20 contact us
AM1306WDIPC Inkjet Clear A3 10 25.50 contact us
AM1303WDLPC Laser Clear A4 10 14.99 contact us
AM1304WDLPW Laser White A4 10 14.99 contact us
AM1304WDLPC Laser Clear A3 10 25.5 contact us

Packs Available, on request: 50, 100, 1000 sheets

Request A Quote 

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    - Product Code, number of Packs required
    ​- Quote type required: C & F, C I. F., Ex-Works or F.O.B
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Laser & Inkjet Decal Papers
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Some Practical Tips

  • Procal decals will usually remain affixed to the surface where you place them because they have excellent adhesion & peel resistance, and are less susceptible to the ingress of dirt.  However, if you wish, in the case of laser decals, you may apply further treatments to ensure that the toners are completely fused into the paper or that your images become inseparable from the substrate decorated.
  • Cleanliness or suface preparation is very important for effective decal transfer and application.
  • It's good practice to use a creative software to print on the glossy side of procal, and then allow the ink to dry before placing your image in lukeworm water to begin the process of separation.
  • Use a paper towel or clean damp cloth to wipe off excess water when applying decal to your substrate
  • Always slide - don't pick - the decal from procal waterslide decal paper.  Gently slide it onto your substrate's surface
  • Spray the dried surface of your decorated substrate with a clear solvent-based acrylic spray coating or oil-based vanish, if you wish to protect it from moisture, fading or surface scratches. This decal fixative leaves a thin layer that helps to protect the toner/print from the laser printer or the 'wet'
    ink (from the inkjet) to adhere to the paper film without forming beads. [You may choose to apply the fixative soon after printing, depending on the size of your decal. This is because the fixative may be used to provide additional strength to resist bunching of the decal paper film when it is being applied to the substrate].
  • Another finishing product that you may use with procal waterslide decal paper is a UV aerosol spray.  This improves the uv-resistance of your decal
  • The use of quality OEM toners is recommended.  Laser toners with lower iron content do not make a fireable decal.
  • Decals from non-heat-releasing papers may be kiln/oven-fired when applied on enamel ceramic and glass substrates, depending on your requirements.
  • All Procal media should be stored in a controlled temperature environment with humidity of around 50%.  In tropical Countries or in hot summer air conditioned storage is encouraged because heat may soften the paper's top coating and cause the papers to stick together.  Usually, though, this effect can be avoided by stacking the papers on edge from the onset.
  • Finally, think outside the box!  Be creative.  Remember, an excellent artwork only becomes outstanding when you use the right colour combination of inks on the right paper. A clear decal (transferred images) usually has a transparent background.  So, depending on your substrate [wood, glass, plastics, etc], further finishing to enhance their effects may be useful. For example, laying your decals on weathered wood or overgilded surfaces to create a fascinating collage is something you can do.

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