Polycarbonate Card Film - Laser Markable Embossable Stampable UV Secure


  • Polycarbonate Sheets & Rolls For Secure Identity Cards (including Biometric cards)

Polycarbonate Films For Secure Identity Cards [eCards & non-eCards]

A range of lightweight & flexible polycarbonate films for the design, assembly, and production of electronic and non-electronic multi-layered Identity Cards.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High impact & tensile strength and long term durability of over 10 years. Virtually unbreakable
  • Unique processing characteristics. Optimised surface textures for text & graphics printing, die cutting, hot stamping/embossing and lamination.
  • Superb lay flat.  Low shrinkage before or after lamination of films (layer by layer) or application on the substrate.  No adhesive is required for the application.  Simply use heat and pressure to join all layers together, and they cannot be pulled apart without delamination & tamper-evidence.
  • Ability to embed, apply, and hide own unique security features at any stage of production or lamination.
  • UV secure and suitable for several overt & covert security elements.  For example, when invisible fluorescent inks are used, the authenticity of a card (made from this film) can be validated simply by exposing it to UV light.  Text & images printed are invisible under normal light but visible under UV light.  And whilst UV images in such documents cannot be copied or duplicated, their level of security can be increased by combining inks of different colours within a layer in them.
  • Laser markable options.  This enables sharp indelible tamper-resistant images/prints to be engrained in the film, rendering it anti-counterfeit.
  • White opaque film options (AM101-2SPW). Image visibility is highest against an opaque white background.  This option, usually the base layer, promotes outstanding image legibility 
  • Developed for advanced digital print personalisation technologies (biometric & cryptographic). Receptive to biometric content and cryptographic secure data (including RFID chips & antennas).  [With eCard or Biometric Card production, you can choose your special content/digital data and apply them on any layer and at any stage of production/lamination to avoid alteration attacks]
  • High optical clarity, enhanced by a clean room manufacturing environment
  • First and or the second layer may be printed, depending on the choice of film
  • Excellent print colours with no loss of depth or vividness in second surface printing.
  • Resistant to deterioration from light exposure and will not yellow with time.  Excellent climate resistance.
  • Chemical and high temperature resistant.  Excellent dimensional stability, and will not wrap even after exposure to high temperature (145 deg.C).
  • Eco-friendly.  No toxic waste even on incineration.  Mainly water and CO2 produced
  • Can be further protected with a security overlay film. Click here for more info


  • Solid Polycarbonate Cards, from layers of films without adhesive.
    The films are simply laminated together, firmly & securely, to form your solid multi-layered polycarbonate card within your required thickness range.  The construction may vary but, usually, comprise a clear transparent top and a bright opaque white base for high contrast image legibility and personalisations.
  • Polycarbonate film on Teslin inlay

Typical cards include: Drivers licence, Healthcare Card, Border Crossing Card, Biometric Voting/residence Card, Service Personnel/Crew Members Card,  Club Membership Card, and other Government, Banking and Access Control Cards 

Easy to print, using a wide range of technologies:

  • Dye Sublimation & Resin Thermal Transfer & Retransfer Card Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Laser Engraving & Etching
  • Embossing
  • UV curable, UV fluorescent, and Infrared Inkjet Printing
  • Holograph Design Hot Stamping
  • Guilloche & Relief Printing
  • Microprinting
  • Laminating Process (standalone, in-line or built-in equipment)
  • Microchip Processing
  • Screen Printing

Inks include a conventional solvent, water-based, UV fluorescent, and UV curing inkjet inks; optical variable inks; dye & resin ribbons; and infra-red inks.

Mainly supplied as individual films, depending on type & level of security required, for the construction of your custom multi-layered cards.  Security features may be added layer by layer, if necessary.

Multi-layer Polycarbonate Identity Cards
At least one of each grade below is required.


Product Code         


 Film Thickness (um)









Clear, laser markable



















Format: Sheets & Rolls

Sheet Sizes:  B2+, B3+, SRA1, SRA2, SRA3, A3, A4

Roll Widths:  244mm, 305mm, 610mm, and custom roll widths.

Options, upon request: (a) Clear Embossable sheets.  (b) Blank pre-cut sheets in card sizes (available for some sheet thicknesses & grades only)

Film Thickness:: If the film thickness that you are looking for is not listed, please contact us.  We may be able to help.  

Minimum Order Quantity: Applies

Request Quote 

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Polycarbonate Sheets or Rolls
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