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  • Data Mailers (Laser & Dot Matrix PIN Mailers)
  • Security Paper Tickets
  • Authentication Labels (Goods & Documents - Tamper Evident - Paper & Plastic - Seals, Visa, Packages, etc)


                                     Secure Document Identity Construction Integration Creation Through Anti-Tampering Technologies 
                                         BESPOKE DESIGN.  CUSTOMISATION.  PRODUCTION.
                        Goods & Documents Brand Integrity Through Validation & Authentication With Certainty

1. Laser PIN Mailers

  • Laser printed PIN Mailer with peel-back tab or label
  • One or multiple PIN label construction with handling instructions
  • Maximum security of confidential & personal data  
  • Tamper-evidence plus obscurity through a highly densemulti-attack resistant, scrambling black patterned background
  • High quality laser (100 to 110gsm) bond paper options
  • Flexibility: Most languages, including English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Standard (A4) & Non-standard paper Widths/Lengths/Depths
  • Brand authentication/protection*: tamper-evidence, combined multiple secure codes plus UV fluorescence  
  • Primary Applications:
    - Delivery of PIN & Passwords/Access Codes for Bank/ATM/Credit Card terminals, Medical Insurance Card
      terminals, Telecommunication terminals and Raffles & Lottery Stations;
    - Secure transmission of confidential data for the Verification and Authentication of sensitive online B2B &
      B2C information or unique personal messages such as scientific/examination results, lottery result prices,
      bonus coupons and medical records/reports.      
  • Secondary application: option for corporate Ads & Special offer promotions in a highly secure format.

    *  This is an additional service.  Flexible Design Options developed with you to protect your new or existing stationery

    Request a Quote: (
    stating additional security features required, and other design preferences): Scroll down

2. Dot Matrix PIN Mailers

  • Dot/Line matrix or tractor-driven impact printer PIN and Password mailers
  • 55 to 90gsm bond paper options 
  • Single-Strike envelope with a highly dense, 100% black scrambling pattern without compromise
    to security & visibility of data.  
  • Standard One or multiple envelope (s) + sheet assembly as well as Bespoke design options
  • Most languages, including English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Non-standard paper Widths/Lengths/Depths
  • Additional inkjet printable covert features with UV fluorescence, upon request
  • Primary applications:
    - Delivers PINs, Passwords, Access Codes
    for Bank/ATM/Credit Card terminals, Telecommunication
      terminals, etc
    - Transmits Verification & Authentication data for
     sensitive Company/Personal information such as
      scientific/examination results, and confidential medical records/reports.
  • Secondary application: option for integrating corporate Ads & Special offer promotions in a highly secure format.

    Request a Quote: (stating additional security features required, and other design preferences): scroll down  

3. Security Paper Tickets
A high quality anti-counterfeit paper offering protection, validation and authentication

  • Unique authentications to keep track of your product and service
  • Security options: holograms, prismatic prints, embedded or top-coated UV fibres, encrypted barcodes,  IR (infra-red) readable thermal image, serial numbering, UV fluorescence [cmy/wh (inkjet) & red (thermal transfer ribbon)], custom perforation, etc.
  • Printability: offset & inkjet UV ink printing, foil stamping and other options
  • Paper thickness & weights: 115 - 125 micron; 102 - 124gsm
  • Applications:  concerts/festivals, buses, trains, parking, tourist sites, museums,  etc
  • Ticket size & design: standard or bespoke
  • Availability: subject to customer requirements & current possibilities

Request a Quote: (stating ticket dimensions, security features required, and application)scroll down

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4. Authentication Labels
Unique indelible tamper evident labels for long or lifetime identification, protection, traceability, validation and authentication of key documents, hardware and consumable packages (under normal or harsh conditions in most environments).

Materials and adhesives are designed to deliver the application, performance, tamper-evidence and durability required.  

                                                 Media Types: Plastic & Paper

Plastic Labels

  • Waterproof & multi-layered, 144micron acrylic based media.
  • Adhesive: High tack & excellent adhesion to paper, metal containers & most plastics. Comes with a liner.
  • Resistance: Highly resistant to abrasion, extreme temperatures (-40 to 265 deg. C), and chemical environments (fuel, oil, grease, detergent, etc). 
  • Inherent covert security features: UV resin (label delaminates & fluoresces upon removal, leaving an irreversible rough but soft surface as well as visible traces of insoluble UV dye).  
  • Optional overt & covert security features: marked indelible reliefs and engraved custom images (e.g., logo, photo, emblem, text/signature, barcodes, matrix codes, serial numbers, etc).


Paper Labels

  • Plain to top-coated, pre-printed or blank trackable labels, with varying thicknesses
  • Adhesive: High tack permanent to extra permanent or peelable options, with liner
  • Colours/Surface Finish: White & Off-white, matte or semi-gloss or gloss
  • Custom, difficult to replicate identity. Cannot be photocopied or digitally recreated 
  • Optional overt/covert security features: microprint, guilloche, encrypted barcode, pantograph, prismatic print, embedded custom images (artificial watermark, seal, logo, etc), invisible UV fluorescent inkjet images  (cmy/wh, lc, lm, gr, rd), invisible UV fluorescent thermal resin ribbon prints (clear, blue, yellow/green), OCR & MICR thermal transfer ribbon prints (k), etc.
  • Customisation: Begins from the choice of paper through adhesive to security features and tracking.



  • Tamper Evident Security Labels  
     -For high value documents (drawings/certificates/plans/seals/etc; in corporate business, legal, lab/R&D,
      banking & finance, mortgage, custom & excise, educational institutions, professional bodies, embassies,
      central & local government departments, trade associations, private membership organisations, museums,
      health & insurance, birth/marriage/death, architectural, engineering,  and other environments)
    - For goods; consumables, packagings & hardware parts (including difficult to reach machinery components, such as cast/moulded electric motor casings, appliances, and bearings)
  • Choice of label depends on application and customer requirements



  • Shape & size: almost any, laser and/or die-cut accurately to customer requirement

Request a Quote (stating label type, dimensions, shape, features and application): scroll down

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    - Quote type required: C & F, C I. F., Ex-Works or F.O.B
    - Any other requirement (e.g., preferred language and optional overt & covert security features)
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