Teslin Synthetic Sheet - Driver Licence Contactless Contact Laminated Card


  • Teslin Card Grades
  • Uncut, blank sheets
  • Blank precut cards: collated in singles, or on micro-perforated sheets
  • Background printing (with design option)

Teslin media combines the printability of paper with the durability & waterproof of synthetics to deliver an astonishing array of qualities.  It is a white, single-layer, microporous, silica-filled film that bonds readily and firmly with inks, toners, coatings and laminates.

Teslin Card Media [has digital print capability no other synthetic paper has]

We supply four grades of this media.  

Unlike PVC cards, Teslin cards can be bent, peeled, pulled or scratched without breakage or delamination

Key Features

  • Security printable (smart chip technology, foil stamping, magnetic stripe, barcoding, anti-counterfeit bleeds & backgrounds, invisible UV ink, other technologies)
  • Excellent chemical, toxicity, tear- and abrasion resistance
  • Easily folded, embossed, glued, grommeted, punched, drilled, perforated, sewed, guillotine trimmed, hand & foil stamped, slit, and die-cut with precise corners
  • Excellent laminate bond strength without edge over-lamination. The laminating plastic flows directly into Teslin's matrix, causing a mechanical bond.  No edge seal required after lamination. (Hot or cold laminating films can be used, with or without UV blocking film.  UV blocking film may be used for added protection of dye printed images
    against fading from exposure to sunlight).
  • Dimensionally stable & resistant to warpage with temperature and humidity.
  • Hand writable and printable with fade resistant and machine-readable ink/toner systems. (Inks & toners are locked into the surface of your cards almost instantly, bonding into the sheet structure and leaving excellent print definition).
  • Exceptional wet strength, durability and waterproof properties.
  • Covert/overt security features can be embedded at the manufacturing stage and/or applied thereafter to enhance the benefits of its inherent tamper resistance & tamper evidence.

Superb reception to overprint coatings/vanishes for gloss enhancement, stain and edge fusion resistance, and resistance to decolouration from absorption of environmental impurities


  • Security ID Cards, Drivers Licenses, National ID Cards, Police ID Cards, Border Crossing Cards,
    Visa Cards, SIM Cards,  Employee Badge, Passport Cards, Loyalty/Membership Cards, Pre-paid 

    Phone Cards, Voters Registration Cards, Students Cards, Parking Permits/Cards, Toll Gate Pass,
    Admission Tickets/Cards, Playing Cards, flash card, Door & Computer Access Cards, Vaccination
    Cards, Travel Cards/Luggage Tags, Driving licence, Fishing Licence, International Driving Permits

Compatible Printing Technology

Can be printed using a combination of fixed and/or variable printing methods

  • Inkjet (small- & wide-format, including roll to roll and flatbed)
  • Invisible UV Thermal Transfer Ribbon Printing
  • Offset Lithography (4 colour, etc)
  • Flexography (water or solvent based inks)
  • Laserjet Printer/Copiers (mono & multicolour)
  • Digital Presses

Digital inkjet inks

These include:

Card Grades & Printing Technologies

  • TS 1000, TS 1200, TS 1400 [Inkjet, Offset, Monocolour/Colour laser, Digital Press, T/Transfer]††††
  •  IJ 1000WP [Inkjet, Offset, Monocolour laser, Digital Press, Thermal Transfer]
  • SP 1000, SP 1200, SP 1400 [Inkjet, Offset, Monocolour/Colour laser, Digital Press, T/Transfer
  • SPID 1000, SPID 1400 [Monocolour/Colour Laser, Offset, Digital Press, Thermal Transfer]
  • Digital 1000 [Digital Press, Offset, Flexo, Inkjet, Thermal Transfer]

    note; the TS offers a slightly higher dimensional stability than the SP grade when laser printed 

Density & Thickness




SPID 1400

SPID 1000

TS 1000

TS 1200

TS 1400

Thickness (um)








Grammage (gsm)








Storage & Handling

  • Store cut sheets on a solid, flat surface.
  • High humidity should be avoided.
  • Sheets should be fanned before use

Blank Pre-Cut Cards. 

  • Pre-cut card layouts include: 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 cards/sheet.
  • Contact and Contactless Smart Card sizes include: 

                              53.98mm x 85.60mm (CR80)
                              83.90mm x 52.10mm (CR79)
                              92.07mm x 60.33mm (CR90)
                              88.00mm x 125mm (B7)
                              74.00mm x 105mm (A7)
                              Custom sizes, on request.

  • All precut cards are supplied as collated singles or on micro-perforated sheets. No trimming is required


Additional Services (optional). 

  • Edge to edge background design printing on cards at high resolution (600dpi), for small to large businesses, colleges and universities, and government institutions, upon request.
  • Backgrounds may include anti-counterfeit, seamless geometric patterns & barcodes or non-security photo quality graphics (e.g., pictures, logos, clipart, and other promotional elements as required by customers)
  • Click here for Security Prints - PIN Mailers, Labels & Tickets 


Some Compatible Printers

  • Click on Brochure below for a list






Product Code Teslin Grade Sheet Size Quantity (sheets) Price Action
AS4900IJWP-A4 IJ1000WP  A4 (210mm x 297mm) 100  99.99 request a quote
AS4901IJWP-A4 IJ1000WP A4 (210mm x 297mm) 200 189.98 request a quote
AS4902TSLO-A4 TS1400 A4 (210mm x 297mm) 100 111.00 request a quote
AS4903TSLO-A4 TS1400 A4 (210mm x 297mm) 200 222.00 request a quote
AS4904SPLO-A4 SP1400 A4 (210mm x 297mm) 100 109.00 request a quote
AS4905SPLO-A4 SP1400 A4 (210mm x 297mm) 200 218.00 request a quote



  • We are not able to state all our prices & freight charges on this page because of the variation in product size, grade, thicknesses, and quantity required by customers.
  • Uncut Sheets: Available in A4, A3, SRA2. Other sizes, upon request.
  • Blank PreCut Cards: We quote in accordance with the sizes and layouts stated above.
  • Please Request A Quote for the Teslin grade, size, layout and quantity that you require. Minimum order quantity applies
  • Not all grades are available in A4 or A3 sizes.  Customers must state the grade required.

Request A Quote 

  • Please specify:
    - Product Grade, Type & Size (sheets or pre-cut card), Print technology, Quantity required
    - Quote type required: C & F, C I. F., Ex-Works or F.O.B
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