Micr Toner Cartridges - HP 1010 3015 8500 & Troy 9000 @ INK RIBBON PAPER


We offer a range of highly durable MICR toners in cartridge format for laser MICR line printing and personalisation of security paper documents.  

These specialised toners enable prints from document processing fonts such as E13B to be read with a bank reader-sorter machine upon application on paper anywhere around the globe.

In the UK, for example, papers for such documents,
 including CBS1 for cheques and CBS2 for bank giro forms, are approved by the Cheque & Credit Clearing Company (C & CCC).

We supply: 

  • Micr Toner Cartridges For HP Laserjet MICR Printers
  • Original Troy Micr Secure Toner Cartridges For HP and Troy Micr Printers**
  • Original Troy Micr Fonts for Troy & HP laserjet printers

Important Note

  • All our toners have excellent adhesion and are designed for use in their respective OEM printers: Troy and HP (including models approved by SMITHERS PIRA for use by UK bank customers).
  • **We also supply some Troy Secure Micr Printers (3015 & M604) in factory-configured packages, offering printer resident Micr & security fonts as well as optional access to additional paper input trays, locks, and digital logo imaging services. Please enquire





MICR UV Security Print Solutions - HP Troy MICR toner cartridges Q2613a, Q2612a, CB436a, Q7553a, CC364a, CB435a, CE390a, Q5949a, C8543X, CF281A, CE505A, CE255A, CE285a, Q6511A, C7115A, C4092A, 9000, 1010, 3015, 8500, and more >>

HP HP Troy Troy
HP 1000's, 1200's, 3300's Micr Toner  HP 1300, 1300N, 1300XI MICR Toner Troy 02-81081-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81036-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP 4000, 4050, 4100, 4200, 4300 MICR Toner HP 5si, 6si, 8000 MICR Toner Troy 02-81023-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81350-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP P1505, P1515, P1522, M1120 MICR Toner HP 1010, 1018, 1022, 3015 MICR Toner Troy 02-81135-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81118-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP P2010, P2015, M2727 Micr Toner HP 2100, 2200 MICR Toner Troy 02-81136-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81078-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP 1100, 3200 Micr Toner HP P3005, M3027, M3035 MICR Toner Troy 02-17981-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81500-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP P4010, P4015, P4510, P4515 MICR Toner HP 4, 4+, 5, 5se MICR Toner Troy 02-81133-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81501-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP P1001, P1003, P1005, P1009 MICR Toner HP 9000, 9040, 9050 MICR Toner Troy 02-81134-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81300-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP 8100, 8150 MICR Toner HP 1160, 1320, 3350 MICR Toner Troy 02-81127-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81301-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP M601, M602, M603, M4555 MICR Toner HP P2035, P2055 MICR Toner Troy 02-81212-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81600-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP P3015, M525 MICR Toner HP Pro P1102 Pro P1102w MICR Toner Troy 02-81213-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81601-001 Micr Secure Toner
HP 2400, 2410, 2420, 2430 MICR Toner   Troy 02-81037-001 MICR Secure Toner Troy 02-81550-001 MICR Secure Toner

                             UK VAT no: GB844141838  

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HP Micr Toner

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Troy Micr Toner

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