Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon - UV Fluorescent, Textile, Flexible Packaging

All-Resin & Wax-Resin  Ribbons/Foils: Premium & Specialty Grades


  • Textile care thermal transfer ribbons: all-resin, colourfast to water, chemical washing and dry cleaning in harsh domestic & industrial laundry environments
  • Flexible packaging ribbons: all-resin and wax-resin, for printing directly onto flexible packaging films, foils, and labels respectively.  Options for Flexible packaging ribbons that overprint at speeds of up to 1500 mm/s.
  • Invisible UV fluorescent thermal transfer resin ribbons: highly durable and image-perfect security documents.
  • Click here for MICR Thermal Transfer Ribbons - (RotoType & NCR 182423 182465 7780 itran 9810 for impact encoding security documents


We supply the following best-in-class ORIGINAL ribbons/foils, and some COMPATIBLE replacements:

  • DPN- R350, R395, TR3370, VR301, M295C
  • SONY- TRX75, TRX95, TR4500, TR4085+, TR5050
  • RICOH - B110A, B120E, B130ED, D110A, D110C, D210A, D310A
  • CAB - R71, R81, R81R, R510, CR43, CR43W, CR74
  • MARKEM IMAJE - 3410, 3810, 3910, 7810 series
  • VIDEOJET  - Dataflex 15-S55WQ10, 15-S30KQ25, 15-S55KQ10, 15-S110WQ5, 15-R55KQ10, 15-R30KQ25, 15-R110KQ5
  • ITW - P110, P110W, P310, D321, B112, B121, B128, B324, B325, B813, B814  
  • DYNIC - HT4, HT7, HL21, HL30, HL32, HL35, HL45, HT8+
  • ARMOR - AXR TX, AXR1, AXR7+, AXR8, AXR9, AXR600, AXR800
  • TOSHIBA TEC- SS1, RS1, AS1, AS2, AS3
  • AVERY DENNISON/PAXAR - HS1111, HS1011, HS1112, HS1114, HS1117, HS1119, HS5140; D712 (ADTPI/9800 series)
  • TSC- PR40300, PR40600, PR60300, PR60600, PR80300, PR80600, etc
  • TCF3000 

The original & compatible ribbons are from the same manufacturers who supply the manufacturers of major thermal transfer printers, overprinters, and label producers such as Avery Dennison/Fasson, Zebra, Datamax, Dynic, AstroNova/Astromed, Monarch, Sato, Argox, Videojet, TEC, etc.

Regulatory Compliance: REACH, RoHS, ISEGA, CONEG, BS5609, 94/62EG, UL certification and other requirements

  • Core Materials & Sizes: our ribbons/foils are delivered on 25mm (1'') or 12.5mm (0.5'') or 34mm cores.  Options available for cardboard or plastic core with or without notches. Unless requested, ribbon is wound centrally on single or twin core. 
  • All are ribbons come with low friction, anti-static back coat to prolong the life of your print head. In some cases, additional built-in cleaner extends print head life even further by removing debris that may build up during the printing process.

Ribbon Colour Chart 


  • White: Regular (for detail print)-, Bleached-, Flood (for full coverage print); Extra White,
  • Black: Opaque (artwork)-, spot-, High Resolution Black
  • Blue:   Aqua-, Light-, Peacock-, Navy-, Royal-, Cobolt-, Electric-, Olympic-, Lavender-, Midnight
  • Red:   Deep (blood)-, Tomato-, Ruby-, Scarlet-, Regular-, Dark-
  • Yellow: Sunflower-, Lemon;
  • Green: Teal-, Forest-, Apple-, Lime-, Peppermint-, Light-, Dark Green (Kaki)
  • Grey:   Dark-, Light-
  • UV Fluorescence:   Clear, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red
  • Metallic (flexible packaging):   Silver, Gold
  • Spot Colour (flexible packaging):   Shamrock Green, Red, Royal Blue
  • Others For White Care Labels  Brown, Burgundy/Wine, Light Purple, Purple Plum, Pink, Orange, Amethyst, Burgundy/wine
  • Others For Black Care Labels: Gold, Silver and White
  • Others For Textile Denin (etc): Stone-wash black.
  • Some Pantone Colour Codes: Red Wax (pantone 192C; Blue Wax (pantone 285C) and Green Wax (3405C). 

Products By Applications, Media Types & Printers

1. THERMAL TRANSFER TEXTILE CARE RIBBONS/FOILS (all resin) (home laundry, stone wash, steam processing & dry cleaning)






Special all-resin polyester ribbon/foil resistant to water, dry cleaning, industrial solvents/chemicals & bio/enzymatic washing temperatures up to 95°C.  Guaranteed superior resistance to heat at temperatures up to 220°C where direct steam ironing is required. Designed for flathead & near edge printers, with medium to high print energy & speeds up to 150mm.s.  

Black, Gold, Yellow, Royal Blue, Dark Green, Red, Silver, White, etc

Woven Textile care labels (cloth acetate satin, rayon acetate,  polyester satin) for  rough, extremely difficult, thick woven textiles such as Carpets, Rugs, Doormats, Upholstry, Mattresses, Badges


A specially treated all-resin ribbon designed for industrial chemical, bio/enzymatic and stone washing.  Excellent resistance to roughening, pounding & beating, abrasion, heat and chemicals during and after stone washing. Prints highly durable dark, black images via flathead printers. Print speeds 150mm/s, etc

Stone Wash Black

WovenTextile Garment care labels (cloth acetate satin, rayon acetate, polyester tafetta, polyester satin & nylon tafetta - polyamide) for Industrial Gloves, Industrial Jackets, Denim Jeans, Canvas, linen Quilt Cover, Duvet Cover, and heavyweight fabrics for blinds/curtains/drapes


An all-resin polyester-based garment ribbon/foil for domestic & industrial use in tough environments. Excellent resistance to water washing, sweat, bleaching, smearing, scratch, steam ironing, fabric hot steam sterilisation, and dry cleaning temperatures up to 95°C. Withstands extreme heat & UV.  Designed for flathead  & near edge printers with print speeds up to 200mm/s.
Up to 600dpi resolution for flatheads.  

Extra White, Black, Silver, Gold, White, Red, Blue, Green 

Woven/Unwoven Wash Care Ployester & Nylon, Satin, coated fabric, and filmic labels, including Garment & Uniform labels (cloth satin tafetta, nylon taffeta, polyester taffeta, polyester satin; twill/100% cotton, tyvec) for Hospital Patients Clothings, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Military, Security Companies and Laboratories, etc.  Uniforms include Knitted Garment, Coated Soft Fabric/Latex Gloves, Lab Overcoats, Work Overalls & Underwears.


 High optical density and highly durable, all-resin and wax-resin ribbon formulations for the textile industry; print labels for special delicate materials & fabrics as well as domestic commercial & industrial laundry machines, heat press, dry & wet cleaning machinery/equipment/appliance. Excellent resistance to water, scratch/abraision,  smearing, chemicals and biodegradable detergents. Up to 110°C temperature resistance and 600dpi printable resolution.  Designed for flathead printers. Enhanced print head life guranteed.


1). Labels for special and delicate fabrics & materials for wet cleaning  (leather bag, swede garment, sheepskin boot, lace fabric, persian rug, leather coat, wedding dress and silk garment).
2). S
ynthetic (PET, PP, PE, PVC) textile tags, garment hang-on tags & Carpet sampling/tesing filmic labels (e.g., Care Instructions & fabric content information, Compliance labels, Safety Notice rating plates, etc) for washing machines, tumble & washer dryers, flat ironers, dry/wet cleaning & other textile /garment care equipment/appliance and in-line processing machinery. Includes security/authentication labels  





















  • AS101xxxx-T is our group code for wash-care textile/garment thermal transfer ribbons, irrespective of printer/substrate. We offer ribbons on 25.4mm or 12.5mm or 34mm core to suit each printer/substrate/inking/winding/core make-up, etc.
  • All our care ribbons enable you to barcode identify your products & communicate care information throughout their life cycle.
  • Compatible Printers: flathead & near edge.- e.g., CAB A4+T, XD4T, A4+, XC4; Soabar DT (XD4t), T1, T2+, T4+, T5, DCt; Monarch/Paxar 636, 656, 686, 9820; Zebra, Datamax, etc [View Printer Brochure below for more.]
  • Textile Care Ribbon Sizes & Minimum Order Quantities [Usually 1 box per size. View M.O.Q Brochure below]
    - Roll Widths:   25mm, 30, 38, 40, 50, 53, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, and up to 150mm
    Roll Lengths: 300m, 360m, 450m, 500m and 600m - depending on printer. 
  • Ribbon Print Colour Fastness & Wash Resistance: comply with BS ISO - 105 C06 (60 & 90 deg.C) and BS ISO - 105 001 (drycleaning) requirements for domestic, commercial, and industrial laundering.
  • Mattress , Carpet, Rugs, and Door Mats - Self adhesive Textile Care Acetate Satin Labels on roll. Click here to enquire/buy your blank, uncut or precut labels.  PSA &  HOT MELT heat sealable acetate satin options, on request 








Near edge all-resin & wax-resin polyester based, long-life ribbons for industrial thermal transfer overlay printers (TTO). Mark or code-print crisp, clean, crease-free and highly durable superior quality prints on a wide range of labels and coated & uncoated flexible packaging film & foil materials at both very high and relatively low speeds . No show-through of images. Back coat ensures extended printhead life. Suitable for both intermittent and continuous high print speeds up to 1500mm/sec. Maximum durability.  Offer good resistance to scratching & crumpling, high edge image sharpness & optical density for readability of package information. Cores;  plastic or cardboard, ID 25.4mm.
Ribbon Width: 25mm - 130mm
Ribbon Lengths: 450m, 600m, 850m, 900m, 1000m, 1100, 1200m, etc

Wax-Resin in Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Bright White, Silver (PMS 877c);
Spot colours: White
Metallic Silver, Shamrock Green, Royal Blue, Wine, Orange &, Red; ,  

All - Resin in
Black only

  •  Markem Smartdate 1; Smartdate 2i, 2c, 2i/100; Smartdate 3, 3c, 3c/128, 3i, 5, 5/125; X40, X60
  • Linx TT5; Linx TT10; Linx TT3;
  • Beta Print NG6, NG6T, etc
  • Norwood 53LT, 55sst, Jaguar II series 52i, 62c, Jaguar II series 106i; NG6, NG6T
  • UBI 301/501/601
  • ICE ZODIAC LA Solid state coder, Pegasus HS, Zodiac HS
  •  Domino V100, V200; V400; V300+;
    V120i, V230i, V320i
  • Videojet 6210, 6220; Dataflex Plus
  • Bellmark EasyPrint C & I
  • Amaco TTci15, TTci20
  • OpenDate Thermocode 53L, 53M, 107C, 107L, 107M
  • Kortho QiC 30i, QiC 53i/53c QiC 107i
  • Allen Coding NX2IM, NX4IM, NGT6e, NGT8e, NGT4, NGT6, NGT8, 25XLi, 53XLc, 53XL40, 53LTi, TT53, 53XL80U
  • EasyPrint IC2, IC5, IM2, IM5, TM2, TM5

For coding prices, expiry dates & time, batch numbers, logos, graphics, etc, for identification & traceability of: food & beverage packaging like flow-wrappers, bags & sachet (for snacks, confectionery dairy, coffee, meats, frozen produce, dried fruits, fresh vegetables, chip, bakery pre-cooked products & pasties, etc); household & industrial packaging (bags, tray seals, pouches, sugar sachets, vacuum packs); medical device, pharmaceutical and health & beauty liquid packaging (renal bags & tubing) , etc. Typical Substrates: films, synthetic foils (including metallised)/blister packs, laminates, and coated paper - PP, PET, PE, OPP, PVC, TYVEK 1073B, PET/LDPE, OPP/Metalized PET, PET/Metallized PET, 

AS5011TTR-C Wax-resin scratch resistant  thermal transfer ribbons designed for desktop low to medium energy near-edge printers, with print speed varying from 90mm/s to 310mm/s. Offers clear dense black prints. Wound centrally on single or twin 25.4mm ID core. Standard Ribbon widths 55, 76, 89, 102, 110, 154, 160, 165, 185, 220mm; Lengths 300, 450, 600, 1000m  Black, Bright White, Silver (PMS 877c)
  • Avery TTX-674, TTX-450, TTX-650, TTX-950, TTX-1050, TDI; Print & Apply ALX-925, ALX-926, ALX-710, ALX-720; 6404, 6405, 6406
  • Soabar 6430, 6530, 6630
  • Novexx Lion, Tiger, Puma, Xxtreme, Chess 4/5/6
  • Toshiba TEC B372, B472, BB483, B492, B572, B672, B682, B872, B882,  BX4, BSX5, BSX4T, BSX5T, BSX6T, BSX8T, BSX4, BSX5, BSX6, BSX8, B-EX4T1
  • etc, 
For printing paper & cardboard labels & overprinting of foils & plastic/paper/foil laminates, for retail packaging in food & beverage, health & beauty and other industries


  • AS5010TTR-C & AS5011TTR-C are our group codes for all coding/marking ribbons for the printers listed. 
  • We offer ribbon to suit each printer/coder/overprinter & substrate. See Printer Brochure below
  • Cardboard or Plastic core, available and as applicable
  • All ribbons are supplied to the exact OEM length & width, unless otherwise specified by or agreed with customer 
  • Minimum Order Quantities: Usually 1 box. Click on our M.O.Q Brochure below for a quide on box size/quantity to order.
  • If the width of your ribbon is not listed, please call or email us to enquire
  • Our near edge ribbons are ISEGA, CONEG and 94/62EG certified 


AS1016TTR-S A range of versatile security-enhanced UV fluorescent, ultra smear, heat, scratch, solvent & abrasion resistant thermal transfer all-resin black monochrome ribbon.  It delivers additional layer of security for covet brand protection, unique identification, anti-counterfeiting, and low-cost product authentication and accountability. Prints any variable data/image that is printable by any thermal transfer printer at speeds up to 152mm/sec.  Prints or Marks remain invisible and become visible only when exposed to UV or black light as they emit bright & vibrant, luminous fluorescence colours.    Designed for 5-35°C application temperatures, 45% -85% relative humidity(RH), and up to 80 deg.C service temperature. Suitable for Flathead Thermal Transfer Printers (Zebra, Markem Imaje,  Toshiba TEC, Datamax, CAB, Cognitive TPG, Sato, etc). Ribbon Size: Widths 30mm, 50mm, 110mm; Lengths 300m, 450m. Inking: inside or outside. Custom sizes upon request. Core Make-up & Ribbon Configuration: centrally wound on single/twin core with/without notch and with/without  leader/trailer. Core sizes; 25.4mm as standard; 12.5mm or 34mm or custom upon request.    Clear
or Blue or Yellow/Green fluorescence; 
For Security indoor & outdoor product Labeling (high value documents, chemical drum, sea containers, difficult-to-reach hardware/machinery parts, etc);  Package printing (flexible films/foils, etc); Transaction document printing (ticketing, receipting, tagging, etc) in various industries such as hospitality/event management, health/patient care, beauty, finance/banking, pharmaceutical, medical, POS retail/wholesale, carpet & shoe making, plastic card making, automobile, food & beverage, aircraft luggage, software design, etc.  Typically used for embedding logos, barcodes, expiry dates, and such features as track & trace messages that will enable a product/proerty to be authenticated and verified in a production line or for lost product or packaging in a distribution cycle to be traced.
Typical substrate materials:  Print on  Paper, Cloth (Satin & Nylon PA), and Plastics including  Packaging films, Roll/Fanfold receipt/ monograph/prescription/Cheque/Invoice papers,   Paper & Synthetic labels,  ID Cards, and other security documents from Teslin, PP, PI, PE, PET, PVC, PC  Polyart, HDPE, 


  • AS1016TTR-S is our group code for security thermal transfer ribbons, irrespective of printer/substrate. It serves a range of substrate/labels applied by a broad base of manufacturing/distributing/printing outlets to protect counterfeiting of their products. So, please specify substrate material type when you enquire/order  
  • Using a standard 25.4mm ID core, we offer ribbons to suit substrate & printer ribbon inking/winding/core make-up. Core material options; cardboard & plastic.  Custom Cores are considered, even for less well known thermal transfer printers. Just forward a sample, in this case!
  • View Printer Brochure & Ribbon M.O.Q. Brochure below to aid selection of printer and specification of box size/quantity of ribbon you wish to buy. Usually, M.O.Q is 1 box per ribbon size
  • Why this ribbon? Crooks are not able to create thermal transfer ink ribbons in the exact hue of the colour of the print from our ribbon.  So, this means our UV TTR makes your property even more secure and authentic.  Customers, warehouse staff and distributors know that your property is genuine only when the property/document/product or its label, packaging film and barcode are security-printed. 

Thermal Transfer Label Printers & OverPrinters/Coders

  • Argox, Astromed, Autobag, Avery Dennison, Bellmark, Betaprint, CAB, Carl Valentin, Citizen, Datamax, Domino, EasyPrint, Godex, ICE Zodiac, Intermec, Linx, Markem, Mectec, Norwood, Novexx, Open data, Paxar/Monarch, Printronix, Pronto!, Sato, Soabar, Toshiba TEC, TSC, UBI,  Videojet, Weber, Zebra, Willet,  and more>> 

Open the brochure below:

  • to view file on-screen and/or print or share list of MODELS of the above Makes on facebook, twitter, and google+
  • to download file
  • to enable you to select your printer model to place your order





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Care Ribbons

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