Troy Printer Micr Font Solution - Dimm Card Serial Bus - HP Laserjet Cheque


  • New Troy Standalone & Network Laserjet printers, factory assembled and pre-loaded with Troy Micr DIMM & Card & Serial Bus fonts
  • New HP Laserjet Printers, factory assembled and supplied with Troy Micr DIMM & Card & Serial Bus fonts.  
  • Laserjet Micr Font Solutions that enable the printing of company graphics, logos, E13B, CMC7, OCR A and OCR B fonts with the same intensity & clarity as financial symbols (£, $, €, and others) on your cheque & other documents when using our recommended toners.


  • These fonts are available for most HP laserjet printers.
  • The optical toner sensor for our MICR toner cartridge plugs into the MICR font DIMM perfectly and securely, thus ensuring detection of both the cartridge and font.
  • The numbers and characters from these fonts produce high quality signal levels at the MICR line of cheques and other documents.
  • Fonts for Company graphics and logos are optional and require custom artwork.  Please let us know if you require this option.
  • Fonts by other manufacturers (for USB installation) may be available upon request.


Troy Micr Fonts & Compatible Printers 

Product No. Troy Code Font Description HP Models Pack Price
AS1982MICRFKT 02-19828-001 Troy 1200 font DIMM kit HP1200, 1220, 3300 1 contact us
AS1983MICRFKT 02-20197-001 Troy 1300/1320 font DIMM kit HP1300, 1320 1 contact us
AS1985MICRFKT 02-00300-001 Troy 2015 Font DIMM Memory Kit HP P2015 1 contact us
AS1987MICRFKT 02-00308-001 Troy 2055 Font Memory DDR2 Kit HP P2055, P2035 1 contact us
AS1988MICRFKT 02-20367-001 Troy 2420/2430 Font Memory Card Kit HP2420, 2430 1 contact us
AS1990MICRFKT 02-23005-001 Troy 3005 Font Serial Bus Kit HP3005, M3005 1 contact us
AS1991MICRFKT 02-23015-001 Troy 3015 Font Serial Bus Kit HP3015, 1012 1 contact us
AS2001MICRFKT 02-19830-001 Troy 4100 Font DIMM kit HP 4100 1 contact us
AS2002MICRFKT 02-20368-001 Troy 4250/4350 Font Memory Card Kit HP4250, 4350 1 contact us
AS2003MICRFKT 02-23090-001 Troy 601/602/603 Font Memory Kit HP 600 models M601/602/603 1 contact us
AS2005MICRFKT 02-19819-001 Troy 601/602/603 Font Memory Kit HP8150, 8100 1 contact us
AS2006MICRFKT 02-19860-001 Troy 9000 Font DIMM kit HP9000, 9040, 9050 1 contact us

** Contact us if your printer model is not listed above

Troy Secure Micr Printers

Factory-configured packages, offering printer resident Micr & security fonts as well as optional access to additional paper input trays, locks, and digital logo imaging services for:

  • Troy 3015
  • Troy M604

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Troy Micr Toner Fonts

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HP Micr Toner Fonts

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